• 2,000 lumen 3x XML2 Dropin Bulb for Magltie 3 D cell
  • 2,000 lumen 3x XML2 Dropin Bulb for Magltie 3 D cell

5,000 lumen LED Upgrade for Maglite Flashlight 6D, 3x Cree XHP50 LED


5,000 lumen Cree 3x XHP50 replacement bulb for D cell Maglite

Choose your own modes with custom user interface

6 D cell, or 2x IMR li-ion battery.  240 meter range (14,700 CD)

This upgrade converts incandescent Maglites to LED.  Does NOT fit Maglites that are LED from the factory

Emitter type
Hardened Scratch Resistant Glass Lens
In Stock

Instantly convert your low powered Maglites into a SUPER POWERED LED flashlight!

This easy to use dropin bulb will take your under performing Maglite flashlight and turn it into a modern day champion.  Three Cree XHP-50 J4 bin emitters and the Lumencraft mosfet driver pound out over 5,000 retina searing lumens. Output of the bulbs is based on use of NIHM rechargeable cells.  Also a great option is is two IMR 26650 li-ion cell.  Alkaline cells will power the bulb up at a reduced output (about 50% of max) so are best used as backup.   Don't be fooled; many other ebay sellers make claims of having multi thousand lumen flashlights and parts, however few of them can even touch their advertised numbers.

Unlike these other lights Lumencraft Maglite LED upgrades come with the Actual Lumen Guarantee.   Because of the superior driver performance and use of only premium grade components our products deliver on output.   So, if you're tired of being underwhelmed by competitors products, why not step into something great today. 

To install the 5000 lumen dopin, start by unscrewing and removing the head of your Maglite flashlight.  Next remove the factory reflector, bulb retaining ring and bulb from the switch tower (if you have the bi-pin bulb you can press down on the tower to eject the plastic bulb holder). Next remove the bezel and lens from the top of the Maglite head. Insert the 5000 lumen bulb into the head. Place the lens over the dropin and thread the bezel back down until snug.   Screw the head back on to the maglite until it is just "snug" onto the body.

This bulb is for use with the voltage of 6D cells ONLY, not more or less (NIMH are best).  However if you want power it with other cells such as a pair of 26650s a 2D to 2x26650 kit is available in the shop.  This video shows how to install it.    If you want to use the 2x26650 kit in a larger mag than 2D just get the 2D kit and add dummy D cells in before you install the battery sleeve.   Example a 4D light would need 2 dummy D cells and the 2x 26650 body kit.

If your Maglite is very old you can check to see if this bulb will fit YOUR maglite by doing this.

Installation and troubleshooting.

In addition to the astounding output the new version of Lumencraft Superbulb™ comes with the most flexible user interface to date.  Created by BLF member DrJones this UI has something to offer for everyone.

The bulb is a simple 3 mode Low, Medium, High with memory by default, however its easily customized for those who like a taste of something different.

The optional glass lens is hardened glass that is more resistant to breaking and scratching than traditional glass.  A scratch free lens will have better light transmittance and is easy to clean.

Run time approximation(based on use of 2x 26650 cells):
High: 50 min
Med: 3.5 hours
Low:  87 hours

User interface:

DrJones Guppy2drv.  This firmware allows the ultimate in user customizability, with 24 built-in mode groups, that the user can select via a series of button presses and the option of user programmable turbo timer that will automatically step the power down to 50% after the set time is hit (see below for instructions).

User Selectable Groups:

  1. 1% - 25% - 100% | Memory
  2. 1% - 25% - 100% | No Memory
  3. 100% - 25% - 1% | No Memory
  4. 1% - 25% - 100% - Strobe | No Memory
  5. 1% - 25% - 100% - Strobe | Memory
  6. 10% - 100% | Memory
  7. 10% - 100% | No Memory
  8. 100% - 10% | No Memory
  9. 100%
  10. 100% - Strobe | No Memory
  11. Strobe - 100% | No Memory
  12. ML - 2% - 25% - 100% | Memory
  13. ML - 2% - 25% - 100% - Strobe - Beacon | No Memory
  14. ML - 100% | No Memory
  15. 100% - ML | No Memory
  16. ML - 100% | Memory
  17. ML - 1% - 5% - 15% - 40% - 100% | Memory
  18. ML - 1% - 5% - 15% - 40% - 100% | No Memory
  19. 100% - 40% - 15% - 5% - 1% - ML | No Memory
  20. 100% - 40% - 15% - 5% - 1% - ML | Memory
  21. 1% - 5% - 15% - 40% - 100% | Memory
  22. 1% - 5% - 15% - 40% - 100% | No Memory
  23. 100% - 40% - 15% - 5% - 1% | No Memory
  24. 100% - 40% - 15% - 5% - 1% | Memory

Guppydrv ​Instructions

To switch mode groups: rapidly tap the switch 8 times, the light will then enter the programming mode and begin to flash. With the light in programming mode, tap the switch the same number of times as your desired mode group. The light will blink and your mode group will be memorized.

Example: To select mode group 3, tap the switch 8 times quickly to enter programming mode. As soon as the light enters programming mode and beings flashing, tap the switch three times. The light will blink to recognize the mode group change.

To set the turbo timer: rapidly tap the switch 8 times, the light will then enter the programming mode and begin to flash. With the light in programming mode, tap the switch 30 times to enter the turbo timer set mode. The light will then switch to 100% power. When the light is at the desired temperature for the turbo step down, turn the light off. The turbo timer will then be set. The turbo timer steps the light down to 50% regardless of the mode group set.

To disable the turbo timer simply go into program and cut it off in >3 seconds.

 Here is a short video on how this UI works.

Lumencraft  is not affiliated with Mag instrument inc. which owns the MAG family of trade marks including Mag-Lite and Mini-Maglite. Lumencraft products are not made, endorsed,  recommended, licensed or approved  by  Mag instruments inc.

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