AA, C, D, 9V Battery charger EBL
  • AA, C, D, 9V Battery charger EBL
  • AA, C, D, 9V Battery charger EBL
  • AA, C, D, 9V Battery charger EBL

AA, C, D, 9V Battery charger EBL


-Charges NIMH and NICAD cells
-900ma per cell charge current
-Fits D, C, AA, AAA, and 9V rechargeable cells

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This charger is a great choice for the Tenergy Centura D Cell battery (not included).  I tested this charger finding the true current to the cell to be right around 900ma.  Cells are charged individually so sizes can be mixed, and the charger will give 900ma to each cell regardless of how many is in it.   It also continues to charge even large high capacity D cells till they are full, rather than just cutting off after a predetermined period of time.  

From the manufacturer:
Features of Charger
* Compatible AA/AAA/C/D/9VNi-MH/Ni-Cd rechargeable battery
* It has both AC and DC plug,smart LCD shows the charging status of each battery(LED for 9V) (DC power plug not included)
* Both recharge and discharge the batteries by switch the blue button below the LCD screen. (discharge function does not give a readout of cell capacity such as 2150ma)
* Negative delta V (-?V) cut-off function,overcharge protection,short circuit protection and non-rechargeable or bad cell detection.

Three mode, remind personally
-"CHG": While battery installed and charging.
-"DISCHG": Press the blue bottom, after discharge finished, the charger will automatically turn to "CHG"mode.
-"ERROR": If installed the battery reversed or the battery is a broken one (0 Voltage)£¬the charger will shows "ERROR".

Specification of charger:
Input:AC 100-240V AC 50/60Hz,10W DC 12V 800mA
Output: AA/AAA/C/D: 1.2V DCx4 1000mA; 9V :DCx2 30mA
No Load Power Consumption:0.5W MAX
Full Load power consumption:10W MAX
Size:195mm x 93mm x 53mm, Weight:320g

Charging Time Table:
It was calculated with 1 battery when charging. Detailed charging time varies due to temperature and working environment.
Battery Type (Ni-MH) Capacity Charging time (approx.)
AAA 500-1200mAh 1 - 3 hours
AA 1300-2800mAh 1 - 3 hours
C 1800-5000mAh 1 - 5 hours
D 1800-10000mAh 1 - 8 hours
9V 150-600mAh 5-20 hours
* Please make sure the batteries are installed properly: Batteries' + pole should match charger' + pole while their - pole should match charger's - pole.
* Ideal charging temperatures: 0¡æ to 40¡æ. It's normal that the batteries get hotter than room tempereature during charing.
* Do not disassemble or reassemble the charger by yourself for safety reason.

1 x battery charger
1 x user manual of charger, 1 x AC adapter

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