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Lumencraft FL1 LED Flashlight - USB Rechargeable with 18650 Battery - 600 Lumen

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Output: 600 lumens sustainable (no "burst" mode or heat throttling)

User interface: 2 mode High, Low, or ramp, plus hidden strobe

Includes:  USB rechargeable flashlight, Protected 18650 battery, lanyard and USB Micro charging cable

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I created the FL1 with my father in law in mind.  It's bright, simple and durable.  With the included USB charging capability and protected 18650 battery you get everything you need right out of the box.  No need for expensive disposable batteries or external chargers.  This is a light you can give to anyone who just wants a tool that works.   Solid aluminum construction means no plastic parts to break.   Whether you're walking the dog at night, looking under a car hood, or checking the yard for varmints the FL1 is a tool ideally suited for daily or emergency use.

Bright: 600 lumens on high power from the Cree XPG3 LED emitter.   This is sustainable power, there is NO "burst" mode where the light is bright for a few seconds and then gets dim.  You can power the FL1 on and keep it running as long as you need.

Long Battery Life:  Up to 1.4 hours on high mode, and over 13 hours of run time on the lowest setting, from the included 2200mAh rechargeable battery.


1. Unscrew and remove the tail cap of the flashlight.   Remove the cardboard disk from between the battery negative contact and the tail spring.  The disk is only needed to prevent the possibility of turning on during shipping, it can now be discarded.
2. Reinstall the tail cap.

It is recommended that you fully charge the battery before first use of the flashlight. To do so open the USB micro port on the back of the flashlight by gently pulling on the switch boot (just turn it to the side and let it hang, don't try to remove it from the light).  Take the provided USB charging cable and plug the small end  into the flashlight.  Plug the other end into the USB port on a computer/laptop or into a USB charging brick (brick not included).   When the light is charging the switch on the front will light up RED, when charging is complete the switch light will turn GREEN.

Insert the battery with the positive +  end (small button top end) toward the head of the light. The included battery is a protected 3.7v li-ion 18650.  It can be charged inside the light or in the appropriate cradle type li-ion charger with a max termination voltage of 4.2v. Do not charge the included battery at a rate higher than 500ma.  It is acceptable to use your own 18650 battery inside the flashlight provided the cell is capable of at least a 2000ma continuous discharge.   Protected cells are highly recommended for the safest possible operation and charging. Unprotected cells can be used provided they are button top.  The light does have over charge protection, but does not have over discharge protection.  When the cell is discharge to 2.8v the light will be noticeably dim.

User Interface:
To power the light on click the switch one time and it will come on in HIGH mode.  If you want to go to the LOW mode immediately click the switch a second time.   A third click and the light will power OFF.    If you power the light on and leave it running in high mode for several seconds the next time you click the switch the light will go directly to OFF.   Fast double click from the on or off position for STROBE.­­­­­­

Ramping Brightness:
With the light powered on, press and HOLD the switch.  The light will begin ramping down in brightness (the ramp is slow at first and then gains speed), keep the switch pressed until you find the level of output you want and then let off.   When you reach the very lowest output the light will give a quick flash to indicate you've reached the bottom, and will then turn around and start ramping back up.   When you reach peak brightness the light will flash again to indicate the top of the ramp.   It will continue ramping until you let go of the switch.   To shut the light off click one time.  

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