UV 365nm With SW2B Filter for 3-6 D cell Maglite - Yooperlites - Mineral huntng Flashlight


-High Power 365nm Ultraviolet LED Conversion Kit for Maglite Flashlights Fits Maglight 3 4 5 6 D cell
-Black Light Ultraviolet Flashlight for Mineral Hunting Yooperlites, Sorpion Hunting, Pet Urin Detector Light
-SW2B High Pass Glass filter included to reduce Visible (blue/purple) light, but allow UV to pass through

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It is critical that you wear UV Protective safety glasses at all times when using Lumencraft® ultra violet flashlights and flashlight bulbs.   The wavelength of this product is 365nm, therefore a pair of clear POLYCARBONATE safety glasses will do.  Red/Orange/Yellow colored saftey glasses designed for use with lasers will typically work also, provided they are polycarbonate.  Other "plastics" will NOT work.   Wrap-around type glasses that block light from every angle are recommended.   Do not attempt to use clear polycarbonate glasses with other brand UV flashlights or blacklights.  Most of those lights (like the ones with multiple small plastic LEDs) are usually 395nm, so clear polycarbonate glasses will not protect your eyes.
If you are uncertain what your safety glasses are made of there is a simple test.  Take a piece of white printer paper and shine the light at it.  You will see the paper "fluoresce" (become very bright).  Take the glasses you want to test and place them directly over the bezel of your flashlight so that the uv light is shining through the glasses.  This should BLOCK the UV, and the paper will no longer fluoresce.   If the paper does still fluoresce, then your glasses are not polycarbonate. Do not use them.  
Remember, your eyes cannot see UV light. The purple or blue color you see is not UV.  The colored light from Lumencraft bulbs is significantly reduced because of the LED type, quality, and use of the included pass filter (the black lens).   The amount of UV emitted is significant, so always wear your glasses.  If you experience eye pain, dizziness or other symptoms discontinue use of the product.
                                                           FIREFLY® UV INSTALLATION
1.  Start by unscrewing and completely removing the head of your Maglite® flashlight (if the head is not completely removed from the body, you may have a problem getting the bulb to sit down in the head correctly).
2. Next remove the bezel and lens from the head, and take out the factory reflector.  
3. Insert the Firefly® UV into the head. If you have a very old version of the Maglite, you may need to remove the extra set of rings that is on the base of the Firefly® bulb first so it will sit deeper in the head (the set of rings will just slip off the bottom of the bulb; there is a picture on the product listing page showing how to do this).  
4. Place the provided black lens over the top of the Firefly® reflector and screw the bezel back on to the head.  Do not use any other lens in combination with it.  The factory plastic lens will block UV.
5. Remove the retaining ring and old light bulb from the switch tower. If your light has the plastic bi-pin bulb insert in it, you can press down on the switch tower to eject the bi-pin bulb and its plastic  holder (there is a  picture on the product listing page showing how to do this).
6. Screw the head of the Maglite  back on to the body until it is "snug".

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